interior design beneath the surface; balancing the soul of the space with the outcome of your dreams.



Unique and effective design packages created one room at a time; ranging from furniture & finish selections to space planning to 3D renderings to full-on custom kitchens.
Or you can go deeper with the room imprint; inspired for your personal transformation in addition to your space. Busting through barriers for more flow, with concise information to powerfully align your environment with your highest goals.

This work is global, so no matter where you are in the world we can schedule a video chat to get clear on your goals. You’ll have all you need to DIY or hire a local contractor!

We don’t need much to get started: photos, rough dimensions, intake form, and quick face-time.

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I asked Kara to put her interior design touch on my office space. She was able to do the design/inspiration remotely based on pictures & a zoom call - coming back to me with an amazing vision board that would really add warmth and dimension as well as suggestions to amp up the feng shui elements in the space.

Kara perfectly blends her stylish design aesthetic with her highly intuitive talents.  I highly recommend Kara!

-Natasha (Toronto, Canada)

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After living in a house last updated in the 80's for 4 years, it was time to renovate the single small bathroom in the house. I sent Kara the room measurements & a couple days later I had multiple ideas about how to use the existing space or expand the bath to include the water closet.

After working with local builders, I now have a massive, stunning bathroom with plenty of space to move around. I have been so blown away by Kara's ideas and support that I am saving up to start planning a kitchen renovation and garage conversion with her guidance.

-Mike (Brisbane, Australia)

I never would have thought of this arrangement, and the plan was beautiful, clear, easy, and actionable!

It feels like a new living room. Even with our old furniture - love it! My 2 year old came downstairs this morning and started playing in the living room. He has never done that before! My husband keeps remarking on how great the room is now. You have many fans in this household, thank you!

-Chantalle (Toronto, Canada)


Thank YOU Kara! Last week I received my bedroom imprint from Kara, regarding my love life and WOW - was it ever powerful! I quickly made the suggested changes & almost immediately I met my new boyfriend! The package was visually beautiful and filled with very helpful guidance. Despite what appears to be a simple assessment, the power of this work is without words!

Kara, you helped me clear my space, my heart, my home, to welcome my new love into my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

-Cheryl (Montreal, Canada)


I had never worked with a designer remotely before so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Kara was amazing - she came up with layout ideas for our living room furniture that I never would’ve seen! Both my partner and I loved all of the decorating suggestions. When we’re ready to take on more rooms, Kara will definitely be our go-to person. She’s talented, creative, patient, and a joy to work with.

-Nina (Vancouver, Canada)


Working with Kara was a timely gift!! I knew an “idea” of what I desired but struggled communicating the concept. From the beginning to the finished product, Kara was intuitively attuned to me. She is patient and completely captured my vision. She is an empathic professional who will not only exceed expectations but the experience is enjoyable! Anyone blessed enough to work with her will realize she is one of a kind.

-Jessica (California, USA)

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