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Why I choose this work & how this work chose me


artist + designer + peaceful visionary

I deeply believe in internal beauty vs externally constructed 'rules' for beauty. An image-based design industry has just never aligned with my purpose. That has led me to expanding on Four Walls. It's not a design company that follows 'trends' or styles coined on TV or social media. Our world is hyper aware of the superficial, but there is much more available through design than meets the eye. Energy, the chi, the 'ju ju'. The driver. When asking client's goals, I pick up on information through their vibe and use of words more than I could from a pinned image. My mission is to go deep into ourselves & our environments, creating a vision to manifest our desires.

I've been at this a while; a foundation of over 13 years of experience in Architectural and Interior Design, both residential and commercial. There is no question of my credibility since gaining certification with the National Kitchen & Bath Association(NKBA), Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), and other industry related memberships such as The Decorators & Designers Association of Canada (DDA).

Working in architecture was demanding, with tight deadlines and endless opportunities as a woman to prove your worth. I took work home with me, had problems sleeping, I felt I was never enough and made little room for fun. The chronic stress attributed to being admitted to the hospital in 2011. I needed more balance in my life, leading me on a self-healing journey. I released toxins through drainage massages and ionic foot soaks, went regularly to hot yoga, trained and completed a 200+km cycling ride, and was attuned to Usui Reiki, level 2. After all this achievement I became a single mother in 2013 and everything changed again.

As a ‘seeker’ I live and thrive through experience. Having gone to depths of my experiences spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, I’ve healed enough that I’m stronger and ready to serve others through the wisdom I’ve gained. A personal loss in 2017 led to my greatest breakthrough in self mastery. I made the decision to live lighter, focus on healing, drop many limiting belief systems (with the help of friends and mentors) and go after what is best for my heart. I found deep joy in healing with my hands through abstract paintings, crystal creations, and even greetings cards. You can find out more at or become a supporter on Patreon

I'm a lover of nature, travel, culture, creativity, yoga, coffee, ethical purchasing, volunteering and giving back. Most of all, I'm a lover of honest people with big hearts. I have a young son who keeps me on my toes, has shown me true love and is my greatest teacher. It's been a ride.

Thank you to all of you who have been a part of this journey & those who I will co-create with in the future!


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