Why I choose this work…

To restore harmony in the environments where people live & work.

I have a foundation of over 13 years of experience in Architectural and Interior Design, residential and commercial as well as kitchens/baths and furniture. Through continued education, I’ve gained many formative certifications NKBA, BCIN, LEED, DDA, OREA. Unfortunately, architecture in the corporate world was all-consuming and overwhelming for me. Chronic stress, egos, tight deadlines and the corporate way led to me being admitted to the hospital in 2011. I desperately needed balance. When you’re staring death in the face, what’s most important becomes clear.

I started to say no to obligations and yes to what feels lighter. Which brings me to holistic interior design and making things with my hands. I bring my lessons and now my joy into creating unique spaces for you.

In the past 7 years I renovated two of my own homes. Each time I learned that just because something is popular and ‘trendy’ doesn’t mean it will feel good for me. It’s taken me a little while to make changes to reach the point where I feel purposeful and aligned.

Interior design can feel superficial, focused on appearances. Real value is in the energy - the chi - that has become my focus.

Your words, your goals and your vibe say far more than all the pinterest posts you can save. In learning about you, I find ways to integrate more of you into the space through functional and comfortable design. Spaces that inspire and support you.

I'm a lover of nature, travel, creativity, yoga, coffee, ethical purchasing, volunteering and giving back. I have a young son who keeps me on my toes, has shown me true love and is my greatest teacher. Most of all, I'm a lover of honest people with big hearts.

Don’t just daydream about your goals, let’s make them real - and have some fun on the way!


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