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I restore harmony in home & work environments.

Just because something is popular and ‘trendy’ doesn’t mean it will feel good in your home. I made this mistake in my first couple of homes, with bland design to appeal to the widest range of buyers, but while I was living there it didn’t appeal to me. It didn’t nourish my soul. You want a home that supports the unique way you live.

Our external environments impact how we feel, not only inside of them but everywhere we go. If you are stressed being at home, you will take that to-do list and mental clutter in your travels. A lot of interior design these days can feel superficial. I’ve always been a deep diver, so my focus is the energy - the chi. For many years my own chi was in need of clearing so I went on a quest to find what brings passion and purpose to my work and life.

Just in case you’re curious about my credentials: 15 years of experience in Architecture, Interior Design and a dabble of Real Estate is a great foundation. Add NKBA, BCIN, LEED, DDA, and OREA certifications - you’ve hired a real pro. But that’s not all this work is about.

I love creating with my hands. You will find collection of transformative paintings and crystal accessories help to amplify and uplift your space.

I admire the beautiful imperfection of nature and traveling the world to experience it in other cultures.

I appreciate my 6 year old. He keeps me on my toes, inspires me and teaches me unconditional love.

Also on the shortlist of my favourite things: coffee, music, authenticity.


It’s about heart & it’s about time.



interior design beneath the surface; balancing the soul of the space with the outcome of your dreams.

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