Design & Appearances

When you think of Interior Design, what do you imagine?

Drama? Luxury?

A woman in high heels walking her dog in a carrier?

Flamboyant gay men in designer duds?

A bossy woman who makes you do what she says is best?

Is it all about drama…. and way out of your budget (?)

While in Australia this year, I watched a TV program with a woman who runs an interior design company. She ONLY hires women that fit a stereotypical look. Her rationale is, “if you can’t put yourself together, how can people trust you to put together their house”…if by put together you mean conforming to something that doesn’t even feel good to you.

Plastic surgery, Botox, and scanty clothing..:people parading as product. Seen as experts, so long as they have the loudest voice or the loveliest image.

If this is all design is, I’m out. In fact I’ve almost left, with such massive conflict between my values and how the industry is portrayed.

On the flip side of all the drama are the reality TV shows all about DIY. Editing how long jobs really take and showing lower costs than are realistic sets a precedent that professionals are faced to try to uphold. It’s made to look simple and lucrative. It’s unrealistic and now everyone’s a designer.

The media has a skewed view & is missing out on all the wonderful things designers CAN be.

Luckily, I have come to accept that I’m not going to fit the stereotype and I’m happy to break it.

I see space from an architectural perspective of function, partnering with nature and sustainability. I also see space from an energetic perspective of flow and connection.

For me, space is understood through it’s relationship to the environment and the people utilizing it. There is nothing I love to do more than harmonize (I am a libra moon after all). Your home and work spaces can have a strong energetic signature….

There’s a new term for design that encompasses spaces as a whole, for your soul - not just the aesthetic. Holistic Interior Design.

Now that - that - is something I am down with.


Kara CressmanComment